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Fifteen things about Singapore that I will miss

Published by on 2004-12-21

I'm not leaving Singapore because I want to. I've lived here since early September 2004, and now, as 2004 draws to a close, my time here is up.

Forget the politics. This is a lovely place, with lovely people. It's hard to come up with an itemized list of just what I'll miss about Singapore. But if I were to name fifteen things, this is what my list would be like:

1. The beautiful women of Orchard Road.
2. The energy, bustle and great roadside stalls of Orchard Road.
3. The really exceptionally pleasant service at stores.
4. Mezza Nine restaurant at the Grand Hyatt and its ebullient manager Mike.
5. The wonderful hawker food centers.
6. The museums, especially the ones on Asian art and heritage supervised by Ambassador Tommy Koh.
7. Borders Book Store.
8. The tightly crafted editorials in The Straits Times written by Mr. Chua Huck Cheng.
9. Little India and its scores of neighborhood restaurants, shops, and, of course, the legendary 24-hour department store, Mustafa's.
10. The consistent courtesy of policemen, immigration officials and government bureaucrats.
11. Funny commercials on television.
12. Ms Samia Ahad's Coriander Leaf restaurant on Clark Quay.
13. Getting foot massages at reflexology centers.
14. The greenery of the city.
15. The rain, which actually makes the place very romantic.

Pranay Gupte,
Senior Writer and Global-Affairs Columnist

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